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Bio Ionic Straightening

bio ionic straightenting treatment is the original japanese straightining treatment, warren ansell and his technical team has been preforming this treatment for more than ten years.

warren ansell salon does more than 300 straightening treatments a year and has new technology both for difficult hard to straighten hair and highly chemically treated hair, this is only available at warren ansell salon as we have new additives for bleach and coloured hair.

the bio ionic treatment is highly skilled and cannot be preformed by any old hair dresser, our staff are highly trained and have tremendous experience in the 4 to 5 hour treatment.

stage one of the treatment we asses the elasticity and condition of the hair to dertermine the lenght of time the hair will need to be processed, the additives that we add, add to the initial retexturising cream to maintain maximum straighteness, condition and shine.

after washing the hair with the bio ionic shampoo we apply the first retex cream 10 mm from the scalp.

after processing we test thte hair to make ssure there is no curl left in the hair and the hair elasticity is still maintained.

once the hair is processed we rinse for a good 10 minutes making sure all the product that has penetrated the hair shaft has left the hair.

after this rinsing process we blow dry the hair with the bio ionic hair dryer until the hair is dry and then we proceed to iron the hair with the negative ion bio ionic irons which moves the bonds from a curly position to a straight position, we iron the full head of hair, hair by hair, this takes some time depending on the volume of hair our highly trained technicans are dealing with.

after the hair is fully ironed we then apply the final bonding cream, which permenatly fixes the bonds in a straight position, after 7 or 8 minutes processing time we then rinse again for a further 10 minutes and then apply the bio ionic super hydrating conditioner.

once this is complete, we then re blow dry the hair with the bio ionic paddle brush and dryer, smoothing the cuticle out and drying it till its bone dry full of condition and shine for a permenant straight finish.
Bio Ionic Before and Afters
after the treatment is done you cannot wash your hair for 3 days and we do reccomend you use the bio ionic products at home to maintain excellenct condition and permenant straightening.

we do ask all of our clients to return to the salon for a complimentry treatment to make sure the straihgtening is perfect and there isnt any problems.

most of our clients find it lasts for 6 to 8 months.

the treatment can be redone at this time, as it is only apply directly to the regrowth but it is the full treatment all over again.

any questions that havent been answered you may call the salon and are welcome to come for a complimentry consultation. phone number 03 9882 5311

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