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The straightening system to the stars! What do Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry and Chelsea Clinton have in common?

Pin straight healthy hair, thanks to Bio-Ionic. Founded in Japan, this system can be used safely and effectively on all hair types and ethnicities, even on fully bleached or chemically damaged hair.
Invented originally to re-texturise or recondition damaged hair, a side-effect happened to be straight healthy hair, even when the hair was left to dry naturally after being wet.

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So how does it work?
"Now, let's get one thing straight - or one side, at least!"
Normal, or chemical, systems are designed to straighten, but the result is often semi-straight, dry brittle hair. The Bio-Ionic system uses no chemicals. It doesn't even need a power source.

Bio-Ionic is the only system based on negative ion, infrared and electromagnetic wave charges, called Trinity FX.
EVY Straightening
These 3 charges are emitted from the Bio-Ionic Re-Texturising Iron simultaneously and naturally, without an electrical current. The blades of the Bio-Ionic Irons also have a Teflon coating, so they do not dry or damage the hair.
When used regularly, they improve tensile strength and keep the hair feeling smooth and silky.

Rave Reviews!

Ernest Grady from House of Ernest, one of Australia's largest salons and Anthony Nader from Raw from Hair, are quoted as saying: "This is the biggest evolution in hairdressing that we have ever seen, and seeing is believing!…"

Fernando Romero, Vidal Sassoon's ex president says "it is the world's only real re-texturising system, and feeling is believing."
Kerry Warn, Nicole Kidman's personal hairdresser uses and recommends Bio-Ionic Irons, Dryers, Brushers and Solutions.

So, if your stars predict a silky smooth road to styling success, head straight for Was Hairdressing

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