Hair Colour

WAS Hairdressing is highly skilled in hair colouring using the alfaparf from Milano range which has over 300 hair colours in the range, the was team are experts in consultation and analyising you hair colour which is the perfect for you.

Hair Colouring is a complicated procedure assessing what hair colour the hair is before you start determining what hair colour is put on your hair to achieve the desired result the client wants. The WAS Hairdressing are also experts at hair colour correction working on the same principles of what the colour hair is now and what hair colour would we like it to be which the end result is as close as possible to the hair colour the client would like their hair to be, obviously if your hair colour is black it is hard to go blonde hair but we still have methods to lighten hair and improve any sort of hair colour that needs to be corrected.

WAS Hairdressing is well known for its skill in creative hair colouring using both foil highlighting and hair tinting techniques to acheive dynamic hair styles.

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