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  • Power Balance Improves Balance, Greater Flexibility, Increasd core stength.

    Power balance is a mylar hologram embedded with frequencies that react with your body's electro magnetic field. It can be worn at all times and is designed to maintain their form and function even when totally emersed in water.

    HOW DOES IT WORK: your body functions as a result of millions of electro chemical reations which, in turn, creates an electro magnetic feild within each of us. power blances unique, proprietary technology optimnises your energy distribution immediately on contact!

    IS IT SAFE: Yes! unlike magnetic products which actively emit a magnetic field, power balance technology utilises frequencies that naturally occur within each individuals body with no negative side effects.


    1) - stand up beside the person to test(A)

    - be sure (A) has their feet together

    - place your fist in the palm of (A)

    - apply smooth downward pressure making sure (A) resists the pressure remaining straight (do not bend knees etc..) until (A) becomes off balance

    - Repeat test with the power balance band.

    2) - make sure (A) lifts one foot off the ground, apply smooth downward pressure making sure (A) resists this pressure remaining straight (do not bend knees etc...) until (A) becomes off balance

    - repeat with Power balance

    Anyone can benefit from Power Balance technology! because of the wide range of benefits, increased core strength, wider range of motion, and over all wellbeing.

    Personal Comment from Warren- warren has had a power balance band on since January and has no longer experienced back pain or shoulder aches since. It also helps him sleep like a baby.

    WAS hairdressing is an aurthorised power balance dealer.

    Regerstration: No.0274

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