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  • AGAVE Oil Treatment 120ml

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    Product summary

    Soothes, restores & transforms unmanageable frizzy hair. Work a small amount through damp/dry hair, blow dry and (more)

  • Product details

  • AGAVE Healing oil brings the magic of the Agave plant to hair with its natural hydrating benefits.

    AGAVE Healing oil is a natural, mild & nourishing nectar from nature that nourishes and conditions hair, making it look shiny, rish, thicker & fuller.

    AGAVE healing oil transforms hair from feeling rough & frizzy into very soft & smooth feeling hair.

    Sugar molecules in the Agave plant trap water molecules into the hair shaft and bind them for long lasting hydration- hydrated hair is smooth & shiny!

    Just a few drops of Agaves precious nectar worked through either dry or towel dried hair will instantly add hydration, softeness and shine- say goodbye to frizzies!

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